jeudi 30 janvier 2020


Les élections américaines arrivent à grands pas. Si vous voulez acheter "un seul" livre sur l'histoire de nos voisins, voici le livre textbook incontournable. Voilà bien des années que je l'ai acheté en le découvrant lors d'une visite à la librairie universitaire de l'Université Queen's à Kingston. C'est à dévorer! On parle même de "nous" avec autorité dans les premiers chapitres. Un investissement qui en vaut le coup!

"Book came in awesome condition" - by Shannon K Foley
So incredibly happy with this purchase. I bought this as a second copy for my daughter so she did not have to lug the heavy book home every day. The book that arrived was in significantly better condition than the book she received from school. The $15 this cost was definitely worth it. It also arrived two weeks before the scheduled delivery date, which made me very happy.
5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth the money!
21 September 2013 - Published on
Verified Purchase

We are using the accompanying text this year. This Activity Workbook provides details that aren't in the text, as well as maps, and it helps the students organize the huge amount of information given in each lesson. The workbook is set up with definitions, graphic organizers, and pushes the students to think more critically, and to use cause and effect strategies. Not only does thee activity workbook dovetail beautifully with the text, but it also teaches study skills that can carry over into other academic fields.

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