mercredi 27 novembre 2019


Qu'on le veuille ou pas, les enjeux climatiques font désormais partie de l'actualité, qu'on soit sceptique ou pas! Les politiques publiques, les sondages, les communiqués du GIEC, la partisanerie de la majorité des médias, font qu'il faut à un moment donné ou l'autre, tenter d'y voir clair! 

Voilà un excellent livre, qui vous aidera à départager les mythes, les hypothèses et les modèles prévisionnistes, de la réalité, de l'approche scientifique. 

Je vous préviens, vous devrez prendre des notes et souligner certains passages, tellement il est dense en données de toutes sortes.

Ce n'est évidemment pas le seul, mais commencez par celui-là, ce sera une bonne introduction!

WANT ACCESS TO SOLID SCIENTIFIC FACTS REFUTING THE INCESSANT MEDIA HYPE SURROUNDING CLIMATE CHANGE? THEN THE MYTHOLOGY OF GLOBAL WARMING IS FOR YOU! The climate activists in charge of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were dumbfounded. Their own temperature data as well as satellite results had been showing that the climate had been stable or cooling since 1998. Even worse, the climate was cooling while CO2 levels continued to rise. The recent climate was not being politically correct. It was time to resort to the strategy that progressives always use in times of crisis: if you don’t like the facts, throw them out and make up your own. Since December of 2015, the web sites of both NOAA and NASA have simply eliminated what they had been calling a ‘pause’ in global warming. They have taken their data behind a dark curtain for ‘editing’ and ‘reanalysis’ . . . and viola. Climate data suddenly show that the Earth’s temperature has increased by 1oC in just the last few years. This falsification of government climate data has not gone unnoticed... The Mythology of Global Warming is intended to provide the general public with a broad spectrum of scientific and factual information on the subject of Climate Change. This book debunks the incessant, emotional, and largely unsubstantiated claims made by the progressive media and climate scientists that industrial societies such as the United States are destroying our planet due to the use of fossil fuels. What causes global warming? What is a greenhouse gas? What impact do carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels actually have on the Earth’s climate relative to naturally occurring phenomena? Is all ice on Earth really melting, and are sea levels rising at a catastrophic rate? Are all forms of extreme weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and droughts increasing dramatically? Are polar bears and other life forms being pushed to the brink of extinction? Will all of this mayhem cease if fossil fuels are replaced by ‘green’ renewable energy sources? Answers to these questions clearly show that hard facts do not support any of the above dire predictions. The science of global warming is indeed ‘settled’; Global Warming is a myth. “...Global warming proponents can’t prove that man is destroying the planet due to global warming, but Dr. Bunker can prove that we are not. He packs a lot of punch in this small package. Read it, and arm yourself for the great debate.”-—Phil Valentine, nationally syndicated talk show host of the Phil Valentine Show on Westwood One “In the past 20 years I have reviewed two dozen books dealing with Anthropomorphic Global Warming. There has not been nor ever will be a more comprehensive and understandable book on this subject which is to critical to the entire world’s population.”—Jay Lehr, Ph.D. Science Director, The Heartland Institute “This is a scholarly work written by a true scientist, yet in a way that makes the topic still accessible to the average person interested in understanding both the science and also the politics of global warming. Highly recommended.”—Dr. Jennifer Marohasy, Senior Fellow, Australia’s Institute of Public Affairs, co-author of “Climate Change: The Facts, 2014” “Unlike so many others, Dr. Bunker’s book is so much more than a supposition wrapped up in a pretty bow of meaningless numbers. If you’ve been waiting for a book that gives actual facts in an easily checked form, you’ve found it.”—G. Dedrick Robinson Ph.D., co-author of Global Warming: Alarmists, Skeptics & Deniers “A timely and well researched book not only for the thoughtful engaged reader, but also for the general public. The book is up-to-date and deals honestly with continuing controversies and uncertainties.”—Dr. Sonja A. Boehmer-Christiansen, Department of Geography, Hull University, Former Editor, Energy & Environment.
This book debunks the incessant, emotional, and largely unsubstantiated claims made by the progressive media and climate scientists that industrial societies such as the United States are destroying our planet due to the use of fossil fuels ...

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